Human relationships form the foundations of all dynamics that we engage with on a daily basis, at home, at work, and when we play. The better you understand the fundamentals of relationships (both intrapersonal and interpersonal) the better you are able to effectively and positively influence them. 

Our purpose is to help REfresh, REfocus, REjuvenate, REconstruct and REorganise relationships to help optimise communication, understanding and connection, minimising conflict, and ultimately helping to access and cultivate our incredible innate human potential. 

A pragmatic and systematic approach to better understanding the complex and overlapping relationships dynamics, based on the premise that ALL relationships contain universal elements of: 


(Depth of Relationship)


(Engagement Efficacy)


(Effort & Balance)


(Acceptance, Tolerance & Understanding)

A four-part process forms part of the simple, yet relatable process, applicable to ALL dynamics: 


(Broad overview, history, understanding and contributing factors)


(Orientation to current dynamics)


(Deep understanding of current practical & emotional elements and identification of presenting problems vs underlying problems)


(Practical action plans strategically focused on addressing the CORE, underlying, problems)



Psychotherapy & Counselling

Individuals & couples seeking to overcome challenges or facilitate personal growth

Personal & Professional Coaching

Personal & Professional coaching for individuals, couples, teams or leaders seeking to facilitate effective and sustainable change

Change Facilitation

A practical and balanced approach to supporting change in any context, based on CORE principles

Relationship Management

Develop the necessary skills to better manage the relationships that matter



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